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  • 山东临工总裁于孟生、临工易胜博|网址济南重机 有限公司总经理支开印一行莅临我司指导考察

    2019年5月11日,山东临工总裁于孟生、临工易胜博|网址济南重机有限公司总经理支开印一行莅临我司指导考察,易胜博|网址董事长徐小龙陪同参观,易胜博|网址总经理徐良志参加活动。 山东临工…

  • 山东临工黄金供应商(一组) LPS推进交流会在易胜博机械召开


  • Small excavator Stick Cylinder
    Small excavator Stick Cylinder
  • Loader boom cylinder
    Loader boom cylinder
  • Aerial vehicle Up lift Cylinder
    Aerial vehicle Up lift Cylinder
  • Loader steering cylinder
    Loader steering cylinder
  • Middle-Large excavator Stick Cylinder
    Middle-Large excavator Stick Cylinder
  • Aerial vehicle Steering Cylinder
    Aerial vehicle Steering Cylinder
  • Steel Pipe
    Steel Pipe
  • Fitting
  • Hydraulic oil pipe
    Hydraulic oil pipe
  • Hose
  • movable arm bucket rod
    movable arm bucket rod
  • Excavator Balance Iron
    Excavator Balance Iron
  • Loader Balance Iron
    Loader Balance Iron
  • Bucket
  • Jinli group

    Linyi Jinli group was founded in 1999, it is the leading domestic construction machinery parts suppliers, national high-tech enterprises.The company mainly produces construction machinery sheet metal parts (cab, counterweight, movable arm bucket rod, etc.), hydraulic parts (hydraulic cylinder, high pressure soft and hard pipe) and other series of thousands of varieties, was rated as "shandong famous trademark".